Strategic Business Academy

Accelerated strategic programme with business simulations

MODULE 1: Management Perspective on the Financial and Business KPIs How does money actually create business value? Find out the cause-and-effect links between the key financial and business indicators and the day-to-day management decisions that influence those results. Learn how to interpret the financial data from your managerial perspective in order to identify timely the necessary improvements in all business operations.

MODULE 2: Competitive Advantages and Dynamic Business Strategy Which are the elements of a corporate strategy аnd how to create competitive advantages in a constantly changing market environment? Understand the big picture of the business and how to generate synergy among the various business functions within the organization’s clockwork.

MODULE 3: Leadership, Organizational Culture and Business Results How you deliver is just as important and as what you deliver. Experience the key mechanisms for creating a corporate culture of leadership at all levels within the organization. Understand how the culture affects the long-term business results.

MODULE 4: Sustainable Development through Intangible Assets Management What is more important for shareholders – short-term profits or long-term sustainable success? Test in practice how the mix of tangible and intangible assets creates the company market value. Understand how to effectively realize your strategic goal by creating a strong employer brand as a result of the company strategy and people’s competencies.

MODULE 5: Delivering Value through Change Projects Why only 17% of the corporate projects are considered being successful? Find out what affects the business value delivered by the internal projects. Test in practice how to manage the satisfaction of all stakeholders and learn how to turn into success every project that brings a change.

MODULE 6: Total Quality and Organizational Efficiency How the internal customer service mindset affects the external customer service quality? Realize which are the key mechanisms for creating an environment of effective internal and external customer service. Practice how to strengthen the weak links within the organization, in order to establish a total quality mindset and thus to decrease the conflict situations at all levels.


Accelerated and practical learning on business acumen

World-class know-how

The business simulations used in the Academy are internationally licensed and are part of the MBA programmes in leading universities around the world. They are used by more than 50% of the Fortune 500 companies

Up-to-date and interactive format

Each module is based on Experiential learning tools – Business simulations and behaviour-based simulations

Knowledge retention tools

Additional information and tasks to practice after each module

International business certificates

Scholarships available In Your Hands offers you the opportunity to apply for a 30% participation fee scholarship.

Professional Networking

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